Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cornetto Enigma Ad

The beginning is in a sunny setting and what looks to be a party taking place, theres music and people socialising having drinks. People there are young which indicates the chosen demographic to be teenagers and young adults. Summer is the season people tend to have more time to have fun and let their hair down more, it is also the time where students have time off college/uni which adds to the idea of the advert targeting the younger generation.

The first bit of speech is a question asked by the young attractive female. We are not fully aware who she is talking at this point but the question grabs the viewers attention from the beginning because they are wondering what is being asked and where the conversation is going. She asks "So will you ever show me your soft side?" while holding the cornet, therefore the product being sold is visible from early on which is good as people will understand the advert more clearly.

He is a young attractive male. He has a laid back look with having messy hair and the surfer associated necklace. A stereotypical type to not show a "soft side" for a girl. Too laid back, too much of a "lads lad".  He turns away from the girl as if it's no big deal and takes  bait in to the cornet (again the cornet is being in focus and displayed).

He then turns in to a giant cuddly teddy bear with a big red heart necklace 'round his neck. The girl is shocked but very happy about this sudden change. 

They are then seen doing all kinds of fun and cute things together. They lay together in the pool, have fun at the beach and he wins her a teddy at the fair. The cute and sweet factor is over exaggerated to show the advert is not to be taking to seriously and is a fun advert with a sense of humour. Most women would like a man to be sweet, affectionate and cuddly, this reminds me of the lynx adverts. This cornetto turns the guy in to a "softie" which girls like and now he has the girl. The lynx adverts imply that the spray can get them the girl and one person actually tried to sue the company "Lynx" because of how convinced they were by the adverts. 

The song playing in the background is a man singing about not wanting to see a girl with anyone else but him. This song is cute and indicates that now this boy really cares for this girl his now with. Then there is some narration on top of the music. Someone who sounds rather young himself is saying that "Your soft side is irresistible... use it". This strengthens the idea of saying that the cornet is able to do what the lynx spray claims to do... get the lads the girls.

It then cuts to a close up of the cornet and what it is made up of. It looks tasty and delicious making people want to try one.The background is a brown colour strengthening the idea of chocolate. 

The cornetto is soft and irresistible the same way that the man became irresistible to the woman with the use of the cornetto. 

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